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Soups, sauces and bouillons in powder form
(dry products)

  • Chicken stock, beef bouillon, fish stock, vegetable stock
  • Tomato soup, clear soup, chicken soup, vegetable soup, pea soup, asparagus soup, onion soup
  • Brown stock, game stock
  • Basic white sauce, serves as the basis for:
    • cream Sauce
    • cheese Sauce
    • Hollandaise
    • Fish Sauce
    • Tuinkuidensaus
    • And many other
  • Basic brown sauce, serves as the basis for:
    • gravy
    • Demi glace
    • hunter Sauce
    • pepper Cream Sauce
    • mushroom Sauce
    • And many other
  • Red sauce base
    • tomato Sauce
    • Pizza Sauce
    • Sweet and sour sauce